Elizabeth Avedon wrote a review about Guardians of the Spoon book.



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Book that we designed with Peter and Manca got a great review by Douglas Stockdale!:) His review was written when book was announced as a winner on PhotoBook independent Fair in Los Angeles. We are really happy that our concept is understood right and nicely accepted.

” I was immediately taken by the four elements we use as criteria to evaluate the book submissions; photography, project concept execution, book design and book production. One design element I found brilliant was within the body of the book, most of the interior pages are horizontally split, which allows the reader to change and modify the sequencing and pairing of the page spreads, thus the narrative. This book design is an excellent physical metaphor relating to the fragmentation of memory, that memory can be incomplete and jumbled with time. Likewise, this book design speaks to ability to alter facts and change meanings.” – from review of Guardians of the Spoon by Douglas Stockdale.

More here:https://thephotobook.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/manca-juvan-guardians-of-the-spoon/


With this poster we came into finals of the plaktivat competition:
More here: http://tam-tam.si/slo/plaktivat